Professional tools for Hair Stylists, Barbers and Beauty Salons
Assistance on GHD hair straighteners and all catalogue products

VANTA is a national distributor of highly selective professional tools for Hairdressers, Barbers, and Beauty Salons and the sole distributor in Italy of the PANASONIC For Professionals product range.

Our primary goal is to provide customers with high quality tools by constantly searching for the best products and brands on the market.

VANTA works closely with the leading companies on the professional supplies market. 

Thirty five years experience in the field has made of VANTA a market leader in the sector.


Brand Claim for Panasonic Clippers & Trimmers

Claim: "Panasonic's hair trimmers and clippers have the No. 1 usage rate among professionals at hairdressers and barber shops in Germany, France and Italy."
Footnote: Source: Euromonitor International Ltd: Defined as brands used in a sample of 100 hairdressers and barber shops in each country. Survey conducted February 2016.

Certification of Claim


Electric Clippers

An extensive and comprehensive catalogue range of professional hair clippers of all brands:
Panasonic for Professionals, Moser, Corioliss, Oster, Thrive, Aesculap


Extremely well stocked catalogue of professional hairdryers of various brands for beauty salons: Parlux, Dana Italia, Moser, Corioliss

Electric Hair Straighteners

The most prestigious brands of professional electric hair straighteners: Corioliss, Kedo, Moser, Dune


High quality professional stainless steel and ceramic scissors: Kasho, Vanta, Ballack, Dovo

Electric Shavers

A wide range of men’s electric shavers: Panasonic, Moser

Razor Blades and Blade holders

An extensive range of professional razor blades and blade holders for Barber shops: Vanta, Tondeo, Wilkinson, Elios

Beauty Range

Epilators and various products from the Lady Panasonic range

Combs, Hair Brushes, Cosmetics and various products

Vanta supplies a complete range of combs, hair brushes, cosmetics and products for barbers and beauty salons.

Brands Represented by Vanta sas